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Charlie has multiple web sites. He is/was a consultant in document imaging, management of business records in electronic form, workflow/BPM, and related technologies. In 2005 he retired from full time consulting to build custom furniture, with only occasional consulting. You can choose which web site you want to visit.

www.plesums.com still has many of his technical papers, and information about his (now only part-time) consulting services.

www.plesums.com/wood is the "home page" for his woodworking business. This on-line gallery includes notes and dimensions on many of the items, as a reference page for customers, other woodworkers, and himself.

So many people admired (or envied) his move to pursue his love of woodworking as a retirement business, that he spent a lot of time repeating the same advice to other solo woodworkers (or other solo craftsmen in whatever media). Therefore he built a new web site, www.solowoodworker.com to be the repository for his business and woodworking suggestions. As a former professor, a lot of the suggestions have become regular tutorials. WARNING: if you are offended by advertising on a web site, don't go there! As part of the experiment with web business, that site contains advertising. Lesson learned ... even though the early 2,000 visitors per month gradually increased to over 5,000 visitors per month, so few visitors clicked on the ads that he didn't make a cent from the ads in the first year. That site now has 10-20,000 visitors per month, and the advertising revenue averages about $1 per day. Whee - I can retire!

Trade journals on e-commerce and running a web business argue that your web presence has to include social networking sites. The experiment continues - I am on several social networks - but so far there is no meaningful business activity there.

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