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Lunch with the Balduf Cousins

Jenny and Charlie had brunch with a few of his 45 first cousins

Batavia, New York, September 29, 2001
Picture of the Brunch Bunch

OK, so start with Genealogy. Alton and Grace Rodgers had 9 children - Gladys, Gertrude, Gen, Honey (Helen), Twins Bill and John, Grace, Dorothy, and Beatrice. Gladys had a traditional weekly meal for whoever wanted to come. Her kids (Barb, Bob, Nancy, Karen, and Joanne) have continued that tradition.

In addition to Gladys's girls, the group regularly includes Carol (Honey's daughter) and Aunt Grace (who lives nearby). This is Barb Meyer, Karen King, Carol Hood, Grace Astor, Joanne Tenney, and Charlie Plesums (Gertrude's son)

Barb Meyer (who now lives in Jack and Gladys's house in Darien Center), Karen King from Corfu, and Carol Hood (Honey and Ed's daughter, now living in North Tonawanda, near Buffalo) Picture of Barb Meyer, Karen King, and Carol Hood
Picture of Grace Astor, Joanne Tenney, and Charlie Plesums Ready for the test? Grace Astor, living in Darien (who only recently retired, and refuses to act her 88 years old), Joanne Tenney (hostess this week, from Batavia), and the stranger from Mike and Trudy's Family. Look in the mirror in the background to see Jenny.
Nancy Johnson of Akron was late, so missed the group pictures, but didn't miss the food - here with Karen

More cousins

Austin, Texas - March 17, 2002
Picture of Ken and Betty, with spouses, in Austin

Now remember the genealogy from above. Honey and Ed Balduf had four kids, Don, Betty, Ken, and Carol. Ken Balduf, and his wife Mary, recently retired to Georgetown Texas, near Austin. Ken's sister Betty, and husband Loyd Powell, were visiting Ken and Mary in their new home. So they all stopped by for Brunch on March 17th.

Left to right, this is Mary Balduf, Ken Balduf, Betty Powell, Charlie, and Loyd Powell. It had been over 40 years since we saw each other! And if you took notes, Ken and Betty's sister Carol is in the picture above.

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