Plesums Family Pictures

Visit to Western New York

September 26-30, 2001

Tim and Caren's visit to George and Freda

Picture of Tim, Freda, Caren, and Quinn The Tim Plesums family visited George and Freda Plesums. Tim's son Logan took a group picture - his father Tim, his grandmother Freda, his mother Caren, and brother Quinn
Then Quinn took a picture of his father, his grandparents Freda and George, his mother Caren, and his brother Logan Picture of Tim, Freda, George, Caren, and Logan
Picture of George with Quinn and Logan A couple weeks later Freda took a better picture of George and two of his Grandsons, Quinn and Logan
Or even better, this one! Picture of George pushing Quinn and Logan

Visit to Tracy and Shelly's home

Tracy invited us to his house - this is Tracy and Jacob Picture of Tracy and Jacob Plesums
Picture of Carissa Plesums Carissa, left, and Tracy, right Picture of Tracy Plesums
Picture of Shelly, Jacob, Tracy, and Carissa Plesums Not a fancy portrait, but a great family - Shelly, Jacob, Tracy, and Carissa Plesums of 47 South Maple Street in Warsaw

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