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Maybe not the best pictures, and not all that recent but it's us
Jenny in her Adirondak chair Jenny relaxed with the usual travel magazines on June 22, 2003, sitting on the front porch in the Adirondak chair that she made.

Charlie was required to have a similar picture taken, despite the need for a treatment of Clairol.

Charlie in Jenny's Adirondak chair
Baby Deer This is the same chair where a baby deer took up residence on our front porch on May 22, 2004 and several days following.
As one of the casual moments of the assignment in Indianapolis, Charlie got to tour the Indianapolis Speedway, on a practice day for the Indy 500 race. The visit included time in the luxury box, but also included a tour of the pits, gasoline alley, and other behind-the-scenes events. It led to him "wasting" the day watching the race on TV, with many of the cars and drivers that he had seen "up close and real" Indianapolis Speedway
Picture of Jenny on the Deck Jenny had coffee on the deck, the morning of November 10, 2001. Weather has been great, with all the windows open all the time.
Charlie had to have a recent picture taken too. Now lets start the excuses about why he is so ugly.
  1. The sun was in his eyes.
  2. He is just naturally ugly.
  3. The photographer was trying to collect evidence against him
  4. All of the above.
Picture of Charlie on the deck

Favorites that aren't too recent

Picture of Jenny, Mark, and Charlie in 1998 This is a couple years old, at a party in Minnesota, but is one of our favorites of the three of us together
Picture of Mark and Jenny with Name TagsThis is Charlie's favorite picture of his two favorite people. But you can't always believe what you see here. Note the name tags. Picture of Mark and Jenny in 1999

Charlie and Jenny visited Western New York

Warsaw, New York, September 26-30, 2001
Picture of George and Freda We visited and stayed with Charlie's Brother George and his wife Freda. Press here for more pictures of their kids and grandchildren.

Jenny and Charlie had brunch with a few of his 45 first cousins (on his mother's side) in Batavia, New York on September 29, 2001. Click here for More Pictures. It also includes a picture when two more cousins visited March 17, 2002 in Austin.

Picture of the Brunch Bunch
Picture of Class of 1961 reunion Charlie also attended his 40th high school class reunion. Jenny went along! Click here for more pictures.

Mark (and Tipper) in North Texas

Tipper is Mark's lovable lap dog, a 90 pound Rotweiller, now (2001) about 2 1/2 years old and living with Mark in Frisco. Picture of Tipper with Mark
Picture of Jenny and Tipper Jenny visited Mark (and Tipper) at his home in Plano, Texas on October 26, 2000.
Mark and Tipper during the same visit. Tipper was about 18 months old, and considered herself a lap dog or kitty cat. Picture of Mark and Tipper
Tipper has grown a lot since playing with her friend Chessy (Jennie Yunyongying's dog).

Mark is coaching a great young soccer team in Plano Texas

Picture of Mark's team playing
We attended a game on October 6, 2001, while helping Mark get settled in his house. Watch out for this coach... Picture of Mark coaching

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