Christmas Letter 2000

The pictures in the 2000 Christmas letter are tiny, so this is an enlarged version.

Wilton and Vicki Bunch with Jenny in Florida In February we visited Fr. Wilton Bunch, and his wife, Dr. Vicki Dvonch Bunch, at their new condo near Tampa Florida. Recall that Wilton (PhD) was Jenny's boss in her medical research days in Minnesota. When Wilton (MD) moved to Virginia, Jenny moved too, about the same time Charlie moved from New York to Virginia. When we were married 30 years ago, Wilton was Charlie's best man. Now Episcopal Priest Fr. Wilton Bunch, and his wife Vicki (MD), split their time between Florida (near Tampa) and the University of Birmingham, Alabama. So next year we will have to visit Prof. & Dr. Bunch in Alabama.
In March we attended a meeting in Monterey California. After the meeting Jenny and Charlie rented a Roadster for the afternoon. The advancement of auto technology is amazing... the rental was fun, but a half day was plenty. Charlie driving an old roadster
Jenny in the sculpture garden in Oslo In June, we went to Oslo, Norway. Oslo is North. June is barely spring (the flowers were just starting to emerge). Despite the cold, the city sculpture garden/park was great.
Since we were so far North in Oslo, it stayed light until late at night. Note the strong sunlight and shadows. Also note that this picture was taken at 9:40 at night. It was still pretty light at 11 pm and never got totally dark. Oslo Harbor
Beach cottage at Figure Eight Island, North Carolina In late-July - early-August we were guests of Liz and Bill Chiego, friends from San Antonio. They had rented this magnificent beach home for the week on Figure Eight Island, a totally private island off the coast of North Carolina. The most interesting part was watching the secret service agents since Vice President Al Gore and his family were on vacation a couple houses away, for the same week
In September we went to Boston so Charlie could give a talk. While there we got together with Ellen and Steve Endris, our "back fence" neighbors from Philadelphia in 1979. Steve and Ellen Endris, and Charlie, in Boston
Former Railroad Tunnel on the Katy Trail in Missouri In October, we met Jenny's brother Jim, and his family, for an extended bike ride on the Katy Trail in Missouri. For more pictures from the bike trip, click here.
Cathy Julian, Jenny's sister, came from Wisconsin to visit in March. We went to San Antonio and visited the riverwalk. Jenny and Cathy on the San Antonio River
Jenny and Janet Ott Jenny's mother also visited from Minnesota in early April (overlapping with Cathy's visit).

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