Plesums Family Pictures

The August 2001 driving trip from Texas
to Minnesota and Wisconsin

Only in Oklahoma
Picture of Oil Well at a McDonald's
A pumping oil well, and another oil well being drilled, within feet of the McDonald's drive-through window.

Useless facts

Departed Austin Noon on August 1, 2001
Overnight in Emporia Kansas
Arrive Oronoco (Rochester) Minnesota 6:47 pm August 2
1,153.5 miles; Driving time 17:05
Average speed 68 mph; 25.9 miles per gallon

Depart Cambridge (North of Minneapolis) Minnesota 10am on Saturday August 11
Overnight in Wichita Kansas
Visit Mark in Plano (still at the rented house) near Dallas
Arrive Austin - 18:48 driving time, 1277.7 miles

Total trip
3247.5 miles (with local driving)
Average 60 mph, 25 mpg including 686 miles of local driving

Warning: There will be a test at the end of this page to see if you can plot the family tree with all the relatives visited!

Jim and Sue Ott - Oronoco (Rochester) Minnesota

Picture of Jim with his cake

The date for the trip was chosen since it was Jenny's brother's 40th Birthday. Jim Ott really had 40 lit candles on the cake.

Miraculously the fire department didn't come, but it was witnessed by Katie, Jim, Jackie, and Sue holding the wild man, Daniel

Picture of Jim and family, with cake and 40 candles
Picture of Jim and Sue

Both Jim and his wife Sue were born in 1961, but Sue doesn't get the treatment until December.

Jim's dog Buck is getting old and frail, so they got a new puppy Buddy just before we arrived.

Picture of Buck and Buddy with Charlie
Picture of Buck and Buddy sleeping together

Fortunately Buck and Buddy get along well.

Buddy is a golden lab mix. But he is a "register" puppy. He always found the air conditioning register to lie on or next to.

Picture of Buddy at the Register
Picture of Daniel Ott

The pesterizer, Daniel Ott. (Daniel invented the word "Pesterizer" and used it frequently with reference to adults.

A big picnic was planned, but moved indoors because it was hot. Jim and Jenny's mother Janet is in the center. The other lady is one of Jim's associates, and his doctor (yes, Doctors have Doctors), who reportedly provides Jim with his Ritalin. Petitions to increase Jim's dose should be addressed to her at the Mayo Clinic.

Picture of Janet Ott, in the center
Picture of the Latcham family

Among the many guests at the picnic were DeAnn Latcham, Jim and Jenny's "baby" sister, her husband Matt, and their kids Sarah (4) and John.

Cathy Julian, Mauston Wisconsin
Jason and Katrina Julian

On to visit Cathy Julian, Jim and Jenny's sister. Cathy is the principal of St. Patrick's school in Mauston Wisconsin, and is also a partner in a growing dairy farm with her son Jason and his wife Katrina.

Picture of the house at the farm being developed by Jason and Katrina Julian, with Cathy.
Picture of the new barn under construction

Jason and Katrina have expanded their dairy herd to 140 cows, and were building a new freestall barn with computer controlled parlor milking to handle 16 cows at a time.

The kids were intrigued with the veal - er... calves.

Picture of Calves at the Julian farm
Jim Ott giving Daniel a tractor ride

And what is a visit to a farm without a ride on a tractor?

Even if you are ready to enter third grade.

Jackie Ott getting a tractor ride
Picture of Katrina Julian and Kelsey Ott

Katrina (Cathy's daughter-in-law and partner on the farm) obviously has much more stamina than Kelsey, who had tried to get up early for the chores! Aaron JulianBut Jason and Katrina Julian's 13 month old son Aaron was tired, too.

There were so many visitors that we stayed at a motel. Since it was hot, we took over the pool - here Cathy is managing some of the many kids.

Picture of Cathy and the kids in the pool
Picture of Mitchell Ott

Ready for the test? Introducing another family. Jenny and Cathy and Jim and DeAnn's brother Joe has a couple kids, including Mitchell, here, and Kelsey.

Katie Ott (part of the test - WHICH Ott?)

Katie Ott in the motel pool

Janel and Timothy Benish, Hillsboro, Wisconsin

Picture of Cathy with Janel and Tim

Cathy's daughter Janel, and her husband Tim Benish, are remodeling their home in Hillsboro Wisconsin. They had the whole gang for lunch.

and it was quite a gang!

Picture of the kids at Janel's house

Side trip to Preston, Minnesota

Jenny's grandfather's house

Jim and Jenny took a side trip to Preston, Minnesota, to find their Grandfather's house. The stories had expanded the house to the mansion on the hill, but it was still a nice house in town

with a back yard that they remembered playing in as kids.

Jenny's grandfather's house
Eva and Ann Ott

On the right is Eva Ott, their grandfather's sister-in-law, and her daughter Ann Ott, who still live in Preston, and remembered Jim and Jenny. (I'm a lot younger and have trouble remembering Jim and Jenny.)

DeAnn and Matt Latcham - Stewartville, Minnesota

Matt and DeAnn just moved into the new house that they had built in Stewartville, south of Rochester.

Matt and DeAnn Latcham's new house
Kids playing at Latcham's

There were lots of kids here also

Joe and Kim Ott - Cambridge Minnesota

Kim and Joe Ott

Kim and Joe Ott live in Cambridge, Minnesota, a community north of Minneapolis. Joe is the brother of (in order of appearance) Jenny, Jim, DeAnn, and Cathy. The other two siblings, John and Mary, couldn't visit this week, so they won't be on the test.

Joe and Kim support an all-night "cancer march" in Cambridge. Each of the luminarios was given in memory of a cancer victim, or in honor of a cancer patient. The old folks from Texas didn't make it through the night!

Luminarios at the Cancer walk.
Joe and Kim Ott's house

Joe and Kim have doubled the size of their house, while maintaining the original style. At this point the only part still under construction is the breakfast room.

Buddy didn't know that he was too small to play with Joe and Kim's dog

Or is he?

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