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Plesums Family - Year 2006

Jenny & Charlie

Jenny continues to enjoy her work at Virtual CFO, as a "hired-gun" part-time financial controller for several companies. Together these assignments make a full time job - sometimes VERY full time. She was one of the early employees with this growing company, and now is one of the oldest (oops) most senior employees.

Charlie continues to love furniture making. Except for a couple periods that he reserved for "Jenny Projects" he has had a continuous backlog of paid work. See his work at www.plesums.com/wood. CSC occasionally calls him back for questions or short projects, but happily that has been less than 10% of a full-time position.


Mark continues to be the Database Administrator (and a large part of the computer team) for a mortgage company based in Dallas. He loves his Rottweiler, Tipper, and his home in suburban Frisco.

OK… Jenny continues… Charlie continues… Mark continues… must have been a boring year. Right? NOT!

The home projects for the year started last December. Jenny had been asking for hardwood floors through more of the house. We agreed to start in a small hallway and see how it went. One day Charlie said "call before you come home…I am working on your Christmas present." Late afternoon Jenny called, and Charlie gave up… the hall was only 1/3 done. As each oak board was glued to the concrete slab, it took the moisture as permission to warp in new ways… each board had to be forced into place with clamps until the glue dried. Jenny helped finish that project. Then we took on the living room - it had to be easier nailing to a wooden sub-floor. Sure the $400 nail gun made it easier, but doing 2 inch wide boards leads to a LOT of boards. A week later we were both so sore we could hardly move. And when we varnished the floor, we had to crawl out the kitchen window onto the deck to get to the bedroom.

In February we found bargain tickets from Dallas to Osaka Japan - round trip for $504 each. It was the last month Charlie would have Platinum status on American Airlines, but with the bonus points that provides, the trip would earn enough "miles" for a free ticket - possibly worth more than $504. Despite that logic, we only went to Japan once in February. We had been to Tokyo a couple times so this trip we enjoyed Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and made a day-trip (via bullet train) to Hiroshima.

The AIIM conference relevant to Charlie's old work was in Philadelphia this year. He got enough "work" to pay for the trip, so Jenny and Charlie attended the conference and had a great visit (free room) with Jenny's brother John and his family in Philadelphia.

We were walking down a private lane in suburban Philadelphia, and came across the Philadelphia home of Bill Clinton... yes, the real Bill Clinton... the Democratic Politician. As we were looking at the outside of the house, someone saw us and took us inside... an hour or more of questions. They were really nice about it... Neat old house... well cared for. Bill was extremely personable. The daughter was there briefly and left. Never met Hillary. A lady named Mary arrived later. OK, it was Professor Bill Clinton, a local politician, and his wife Mary, who now own the home we owned from 1978 to 1981.

Charlie's sister Rita Isenberg

Charlie planned to attend the giant IWF woodworking show that occurs in Atlanta every two years, but his "baby" sister Rita was inconveniently born that week, 60 years before. Therefore Jenny and Charlie made a surprise visit to Bethesda (assisted by her husband Jerry), to spend a few days with the aging girl.

Ott family at her mother's wedding

In mid August Jenny's 82 year-old mother Janet was discovered "with boyfriend" Dallas Doss, whom she had met at cardiac rehab (must be the singles bar for the elder generation). A short time later they were engaged (just weeks after the first "date"). Jenny powered up her broom and flew to Minnesota to explore the legal and financial consequences of such a union and to check him out. She found the couple, like teenagers, spending much of their time sitting at a table holding hands. The lawyer Jenny hired suggested that they just live together, but they rejected that option, so they were married on Janet's 83rd birthday in November. Despite early concerns, and the "shotgun" wedding (as Dallas says, at their age they don't even buy green bananas) this seems like a wonderful union for both of them.

The wedding was also a great family reunion. Not only was Dallas's family there in force, but ALL of Janet Ott's kids and their spouses (youngest on the left, oldest (Jenny) on the right, were there, and all Janet's grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In November, Charlie had a piece of furniture accepted in the Texas Furniture Maker's Show. A commission to build 7 beds for one family suspended work on new office furniture for Jenny (you can't have kids sleeping on the floor, can you?). His backlog of work now extends well into next year.

Jenny's keeps exploring new quilting and embroidery projects with her computerized sewing machine, now over three years old. Charlie keeps buying tools and spending time on woodworking forums on the inter-net, so we both are happy and healthy.

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