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Woodworking - Custom Furniture

Charlie Plesums switched from full time computer-consulting and part time woodworking, to full time woodworking (building custom furniture) and part-time consulting (in electronic business records and workflow management). Some call it retirement. A neighbor calls it pursuing a passion. Follow the link above for information about his woodworking services. He has also started a site with business and woodworking help for solo woodworkers and other solo craftsmen. His consulting services are described below.

Whatever the reason for today's visit, you are invited to look at and comment on some examples of his woodworking.

Business Consulting
    Accounting Services

Picture of Jenny PlesumsJenny Plesums is a Certified Public Accountant, currently serving high-tech start-up companies and other small companies that don't yet have a full time financial officer, as a contract Controller. She has also been an operations and financial manager for large medical practices and a CPA in traditional public practice, including services as an expert witness. Earlier in her career Jenny was in medical research, and has several published research papers.

Jenny is not interested in full-time employment with a single company, but prefers the variety and challenge of supporting multiple small companies on an "as-needed" basis. Often she teams with the existing staff, who handle routine bookkeeping and clerical tasks, reducing the time Jenny is needed to review the records and prepare financial statements. She does not prepare tax returns, but (like an in-house controller) prepares the business records so that your tax accountants can work efficiently (at minimum cost). Most clients work without a formal engagement agreement, but if required, one like this can be executed.

For some small businesses, the owner's personal finances are closely tied to the business, so Jenny may get involved in preparing personal financial data, ready for tax preparation by Turbo-Tax or H&R Block or others. For those whose personal bookkeeping system consists of a shoe box or grocery bag with receipts, Jenny will find lower-cost people to sort and enter the records for her analysis.

You may contact Jenny by e-mail at Jenny@plesums.com. For more information about Jenny, click for Jenny's Bio or you may request a full resume by email.

Electronic Business Records
    Workflow Management
        Document Imaging

Picture of Charlie Plesums Charlie Plesums has had a long career as an Information Technology manager, professor, and CIO, and as a consultant in electronic business records including document imaging, business process management, and workflow management systems. He is probably best known as the project leader and architect of the first large scale document imaging system. As a pioneer, practitioner, and subject matter expert in these technologies, has spoken to over 15,000 people in 14 countries. With over 20 years of experience in electronic records, he is frequently involved in industry standards, system architectures, and conversions between systems.

Charlie is available for short term consulting and speaking engagements. If you want to contract with Charlie, these are the terms and rates for Charlie's services.

This site contains some of his vendor-independent papers on imaging, workflow management, document and records management, and other related topics - see the site contents directory at the left. It represents his answers to frequently asked questions, but does not pretend to be a comprehensive tutorial on the subject. Charlie may be reached by e-mail at Charlie@Plesums.com. For more information, click for Charlie's consulting bio (a brief summary sometimes used for introductions) or you may request a full resume by email.

What's New

Recent additions to this site include...

Beware of the Exxon Mobil Scam (?) called SpeedPass

An updated Introduction to Microfilm for office document. Everything a modern image expert needs to know about microfilm but hoped they wouldn't have to learn.

Conversion of Microfilm Office Documents to digital images, including roll microfilm and microfiche.

"The Role of Gray Scale and Color in Document Imaging" and how they can be used today.

Image Resolution for displays, pictures, and documents. How to set up a large computer monitor, or select a digital camera.

Scan Center Staffing and Organization, a guide to setting up and staffing a mail room operation with scanning and indexing.

Durable Format Documents - what file formats should be used to store business records.

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