Early pictures of Michael Plesums

Riga, Latvia

Picture of Karlis Plesums, Michael's Father, 1910, Imperial Russian Service (Latvian Postmaster) Picture of Aleksandrs Plesums, Latvian Army, Michael's brother

Michael John Paul Plesums was born Mikelis Janis Pauls Plesums on June 28, 1905, in Riga, Latvia, to Karlis Plesums, shown at left in 1910,(ca 1852-57 to 1930) and Katerina Zillig Plesums, shown at right in 1936, (1865-1944). His father was in the Imperial Russian Service - the Postmaster General of Latvia.

If anyone wants to trace genealogy, his siblings included Nikolajs, Herberts, Aleksandrs ("Sasha", picture below left), and Elizabete ("Lisel") (1908-1984), and perhaps others.

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Picture of Katerina Zillig Plesums, Michael's Mother, Rimeikas, Latvia, June 16, 1936

Michael Plesums as a cadet in the Latvian Naval Academy, approximately 1925-26

Picture of Michael Plesums as a naval cadet
Picture of Rimeikas, the childhood home of Michael Plesums

Rimeikas, about 100 km from Riga, Latvia, the childhood home of Michael Plesums, and longtime home of his mother.

Michael appreciated this navy picture from about 1930. Seated in the front, center, is the president of Latvia, flanked by his wife and the Admiral of the Latvian Navy. Lt. Michael Plesums was the aide to the admiral, and is in the back row on the left end. This was apparently taken on the deck of "The Chief (Virsaitis)," the flagship of the Latvian Navy (1919-1940).

Latvian Navy Picture, with President of Latvia, Admiral of the Navy, and Michael

Michael's children by his first wife Gerda Cinka (1910- ) were Nina Velta Plesums Saunders (1929-1982) and Juris Valdemars (George Walter) Plesums (1931-2010). Reportedly there was another son named Gunter, but Michael denied paternity. His children by his second wife Gertrude Rodgers (1906-1984), were Charles Alton Plesums (1943- ), Richard Lee Plesums(1944-1965), and Rita Grace Plesums Isenberg (1946- ). Michael died of Cancer March 29, 1978 in Warsaw, New York.

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