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Assembling a Saddle Stand
with hidden screws

shipped to you flat

The pieces will be sent to you with letters written on the pieces... the matching letters go together... A next to A, B next to B, etc., so that the letters are hidden once the pieces are together. The stand will have been assembled, then taken apart for shipping, so you should use the existing screw holes. Be sure to match the letters even though some pieces are similar and appear that they could go multiple ways.

The "hidden" screws are on the bottom, in "pocket" holes, and require a square drive screwdriver (sometimes called a "Robertson" or "Number 2 Square drive." I have found the drivers at Home Depot, but you have to look hard - one driver among dozens of variants of other drivers. A nail may be helpful to temporarily align the screw holes.

I start with the front of the saddle stand on a table, and position the spine with the "head" hanging over the edge. From that position, it is fairly easy to screw the spine (with head) to the front. The brace can be screwed to the front in a similar manner. (Sorry that the inside of my shop door is so ugly... next time I will take pictures in a prettier location).

Now place the back (legs) on the table. The front with the spine and brace attached can be balanced on the back piece, now with the tail hanging over the edge. Someone to help "hold this" while you put in the screws may be useful at this step (although I normally can do this working alone in the shop).

Inverting the stand on the seats, with the head/spine/tail hanging over the edge, makes it easy to attach the seats. Using the small nail to align the holes is priceless for this step. You may need tweezers or needle nose pliers to remove the nails used to temporarily align the holes.

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